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We regret to inform that we will not be able to put together the Walk-a-thon event this year. We apologize for any inconveniences. ~ VVV Team

Vina's Victory over Viruses

The specific aim for this Foundation is to promote research to treat viral illnesses that can contribute to Meningoencephalitis. Vina Trinh is the inspiration of this movement. Vina battled an unidentified viral infection that caused meningoencephalitis and resulted in status epilepticus resulting in her passing on January 12, 2008 at 2:25pm. No effective treatments could be applied to address the viral infection while Vina was hospitalized for her affliction. The stagnation of research in treatments for these viral illnesses is not acceptable and needs a champion to support this much needed initiative. The VVV Research Foundation will also participate in fund raising, educational activities and public awareness campaigns.

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Viral Meningitis

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Vina was a young healthy 12 year old student who was blessed with a talent for basketball few will ever know. She was loyal to her friends and dedicated to her family. She was in love with NIKE shoes and with the WNBA and NBA, especially the Portland Trailblazers. She placed at last year's county free throw competition in the top 3, and was MVP each year she played for the recreation leagues. She lived and breathed for basketball, enjoyed snow boarding with her family, but especially excelled and was granted with the gift of placing a smile on all whom was fortunate enough to cross paths with her. Vina loved her family with out parellel.

Vina had flu-like symptoms this Christmas like many other times before. This time on January 5, on Saturday, after being watched by Mommy that night, who slept in her bed to keep an eye on her, our baby V awoke with seizures for the first time in her life.

She wasn't quite alert and didn't respond normally that morning. She was rushed to the ER by ambulance with mommy and I in tow. She had many tests and was found to have a virally caused meningoencephalitis

This is when both the meninges (the covering of the brain) and the brain itself is infected. This infection was causing uncontrollable seizures to our baby V.

This site was started by her cousins and family to gather as much prayers and positive energy as possible to help Baby V i in her fight with this devastating disease. Pleading for our Father & our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for a miracle. Millions of well wishers from the country gave our Baby Vi & our family a healthy dosage of spiritual support, we will forever be indebted to their efforts.

After many heroic efforts and a massive showing of support in family, friends and well wishers to Doernbecher's Children Hospital's ICU, our Baby Vi succumbed to~ on January 12, 2008 at 2:25 pm to the effects of the viral meningoencephalitis .

Baby Vi was the first child in recorded medical history to attempt Isoflurane anesthetic to try and stop the unstoppable seizures associated with the brain infection. The injury to the brain resulted in other disorders such as diabetes insipidus, which is caused by an injury to the master endocrine organ, the pituitary gland. She fought a lung infection and withstood chest tubes that were caused by trauma related to the mechanical ventilator. Our Angel was a brave and strong soldier. We are the proudest parents of our Baby Vi and so happy to have been able to be blessed with her as our child. We send our gratitude to our heavenly Father for entrusting us to watch over her for these 12 years.

The problem with this disorder is that it could happen to any family. Tragically any young, happy & healthy child during Christmas could come down with the flu or any number of other viral illnesses leading to seizures and/or coma. Resulting in permanent brain damage and/or death.

The infectious disease specialists at OHSU Doernbecher Pediatric ICU stated that, "most cases of viral meningoencephalitis will never have the virus that caused the problem identified.

Our family is greatly disappointed with the total lack of innovation in this disorder. Medicine cannot rally to fight a disease related to highly infectious viruses if techniques to diagnose the organism aren't even available. VVV Research Foundation's GOAL and HOPE is to improve current vaccination techniques that have been proven in other countries that are not needle based and/or invent new ones. 20,000,000 people come down with the influenza annually, this is one known cause of viral meningoencephalitis . Over 50,000 people die a year from complications such as meningoencephalitis that could have been prevented if a vaccine or other antiviral medications were available to fight viruses (viruses are the most common causes of meningitis and encephalitis). The unfortunate fact is that most viruses that need treatment cannot be identified. VVV Research Foundation urges families and medical communities across the nation to take action and not settle for doing nothing at all, which is our current practice in medicine towards the treatment of viruses.

Awareness, action and research is needed to save healthy children like our daughter from this disease.

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Letters from friends of Vina

Elena and her family have inspired us with their thoughts, words and actions. Thank you so much Lopez family for your willingness to make a difference for Vina and for all those other children out there afflicted with the aftermath of what a viral infection can inflict on their lives. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those families that have taken the time to send us words of encouragement and their commitment to support the VVV Foundation.


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