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Hey everyone this is Martell...I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about anybody! I think it is a blessing that so many people have sponsored and showed a great deal of compassion for Vina and the family. I still remember taking the picture outside of Toy's R Us for such a great cause, I wasn't annoyed at all I was actually honored by your commitment to get a picture because I still remember the email I got that Vina wanted me to visit her while she was hospitalized but I could not make it because I was unfortunately on the road with the team. So by all means I felt that was the least that I could do...I read the story on the home page and was remarkably inspired to be a part of the "Three on Three" tournament that you invited me too. I was also wondering how to get more of the rubber bands and dog tags so I can spread the word about the "VVV Foundation." You know my email...I would love to hear from you. GOD bless and always know that you are in my prayers and thoughts.
Martell Webster
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That is awesome! Stalkers!!! haha
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We have been researching the Bluemorpho shamanistic journey in Peru to attempt to understand why all of this has happened to us. Take a look at these pics of one person's journey to the peruvian amazon.

Take a look at this link:

Here another link for some blogging: http://wordpress.com/tag/shamanic-journey/

Please take a moment to look into these topics to expand ones notions of the present and now.
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This blog is here to have a forum for those who love Vina and would like to share about this foundation that was founded with her memory in mind (VVV Blog)

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