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Baby Vi, we are doing most of our talking on the www.freewebs.com/vinaweloveyou website at the moment. It is like a open mic to you baby Vi. I plan to start documenting all that has taken place since you left us for heaven. We strive to make a difference for you sweetie. Today, at your middle school, Conestoga here in Beaverton Oregon, the leadership of the student body decided to make next week Vina’s awareness week. We will all be working hard to make your 1st walk a thon a success sweetie. Mommy, Tif, me and the whole family and your friends all miss you desperately. I am going to start posting your pics to this blog and documenting your work and how you are impacting others through your sacrifice. We love you baby Vi.
Love Daddy Joe and Mommy

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Vina was a gifted and loving daughter. She love her family more than most could imagine. The loss of a perfectly healthy and gifted 12 year old girls to an unknown virus causing meningoencephalitis is unacceptable in this day and age. We need to all focus our efforts on fighting viruses that cause the loss of perfectly healthy children like our Angel Vina. We will be writing a chronicle of the formation of a foundation in her honor. Thank you for your kind support and interest in making a difference in the life of what could be any of our children.
Please take a moment and visit this link to see our daughter in action. http://gallery.mac.com/joe_zelk#100228
Love mommy, Daddy Joe and the whole family!

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This blog is here to have a forum for those who love Vina and would like to share about this foundation that was founded with her memory in mind (VVV Blog)

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