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We had the good fortune today to meet up with some Trailblazers with real class. Ben, Dez, Jordan and myself (daddy Joe) went out to Dick’s sporting goods for a signing by the players, it was a huge crowd with little chance of getting in to see the players before the time for signing was over, a huge turn out. Dez was able to get their attention with a basketball card and t shirt of the Vina’s - the kids were asked to come meet with the players personally after the signing. I unfortunately was in line buying basketballs to sign, the kids were lucky enough to have the opportunity, but I was not able to get pics of this part of the day. So I had the kids sum up the day on camera. We were leaving and saw the cars, so with a stroke of (Vina) luck we saw them heading toward Tigard so we took chase and Martell Webster was generous enough with his personal time to let us have a photo op. I have to say that, he is a real genuine and amicable fella for having so much popularity. He showed compassion, and was truly authentic with his concern and caring for our cause to help protect children in memory of Vina and her sacrifice.
So here are some pics of the day and the kids and myself were excited to share this opportunity.

Vina would have been just as excited as the cousins were today if she was here in physical form. We know she was here in spiritual form though. Just a side bar, we did perform a U turn under safe conditions. Some drama was perpetrated for the camera.

Then Martell was generous enough to sign a number of our VVV Foundation articles and a basketball. He said he would proudly wear Vina’s dogtag and live strong wrist band. We had an XLARGE VVV TSHIRT that we gave him to wear and he signed it as well. It sounds like the Team is going to sign a jersey for the cause, that is really fantastic! We in the family and her friends know that Basketball is and was her passion. She also excelled in the sport. She was to say the least, an extreme Trailblazer fan and I know the next fundraiser should be a basketball related event. The goal is to have a fun summer 3 on 3 basketball tournament to raise awareness and fundraise as well as simply have a fun family day of athletic competition.
Thanks so much guys, especially Martell for everything along with your support for such a needed resource for our community.

Here are the pics and video: http://gallery.mac.com/joe_zelk#100263

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A great image of Vina and Ben
03/28/08 @ 10:38:56 pm, Categories: Main, 32 words   English (US)

This is a personal moment. I would like to post this gif made by our uncle Jimmy. He worked with an actual picture of Vina and her best friend and cousin, Ben.

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03/28/08 @ 09:57:22 pm, Categories: Main, 32 words   English (US)

We like to support sites that promote kids learning about health.

Here is kids health a great way to learn about health and how the body works


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03/28/08 @ 12:51:58 pm, Categories: Main, 75 words   English (US)

We have been researching the Bluemorpho shamanistic journey in Peru to attempt to understand why all of this has happened to us. Take a look at these pics of one person’s journey to the peruvian amazon.

Take a look at this link:

Here another link for some blogging: http://wordpress.com/tag/shamanic-journey/

Please take a moment to look into these topics to expand ones notions of the present and now.

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03/28/08 @ 12:48:56 pm, Categories: Main, 21 words   English (US)

Take a moment to look at this minisite made for Vina’s memory by uncle jimmy.


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Information on Flu treatment with Tamiflu
03/27/08 @ 03:19:07 am, Categories: Main, 58 words   English (US)

Here is an article that supports aggressive treatment of the flu in children within the 1st 24-48 hours.
See this link for the video talking about the research.

Children who receive Tamiflu (oseltamivir) within one day of influenza diagnosis are half as likely to develop pneumonia as a complication, researchers said here.


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Inspirational story of the transition from life to death
03/26/08 @ 06:15:04 pm, Categories: Main, 65 words   English (US)

This is an 18 minute video of a neuroanatomist who was fortunate enough survive a brain injury due to bleeding in the brain.
It makes you think about what life is like during the transition from this world to the next.

This is a link to a video that is talked about in a blog. http://www.microclesia.com/?p=320
Click and watch.


VVV Team

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Daddy Joe
03/24/08 @ 09:41:15 pm, Categories: Main, 61 words   English (US)

Vi, we are working on putting together a proposal for the parents of children who are afflicted with infectious diseases. We hope to hep them with the financial burdens that can accumulate while a child is in the hospital.
We plan to make an announcement in April at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital.

We love you Vina and do this all for you.

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03/20/08 @ 08:50:43 pm, Categories: Main, 248 words   English (US)


We finally have a guestbook/blog up for VVV Foundation Baby Hai Vi!!!

We will be able to manage the forum so that only positive and beneficial contributors will be allowed to aire their feelings and thoughts about you and the cause.

We love you, miss you, run to you sweet Vi!

I am confident you are proud of what we have all done in your honor this last weekend on your 13th Birthday. The walkathon on March 15th that went from 10am to 3pm was a great celebration of the love our family and community have for you and willingness to make a difference in children’s lives in your memory.
We thank you for all the donations from attendees and sponsors. We thank you for your support in this public charity.

We are so proud of how the event turned out at Southridge and look forward to making this a successful annual event.

We love you very much!
We all do it for Vina!!

:>>:):D We are looking forward to finding out the winner of the 1st Annual VVV Foundation Free Throw Shoot Off that was held at Conestoga Middle School (where Vina attended school) in honor of Vina. We plan on expanding the event throughout the district next year and offering a savings bond for a scholarship the competitors. This year over 90 kids signed up and pictures will be posted.

This link will show some video footage for the event.

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This blog is here to have a forum for those who love Vina and would like to share about this foundation that was founded with her memory in mind (VVV Blog)

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