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Update on the event in August

So the letters weren’t a that easy to get on the blog, but they have been added to the bottom of the home page for vvvfoundation.org.

Please take a moment to read them and see an example of caring. We were truly blessed.

We are now on the hunt for volunteers for the 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Please feel free to email or go to the get involved page of the website.

We were fortunate enough to talk with Ryan with the Special Olympics this last week. He was very gracious and extremely supportive of our cause. We give him our thanks and gratitude. Please take a moment to look up the special Olympics to find what may be something that you can do to help. They are working hard to active in our community. Many children affected by viruses will end up needing the services of the special Olympics due to the side effects left in those who may survive from a viral illness. We strive to support, treat, and prevent illness related to viral infections.


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A heartfelt letter from Elena, mom and family

Please take a moment to read these letters from a best friend of Vina’s and her mother. We didn’t have a contact phone number so we google mapped the address and surprised them. We were graciously welcomed by them with tears and heart felt concern. We so touched and inspired by their story and there efforts. Thank you to everyone that has taken a moment out of their day to make a difference in Vina’s memory. To smile a bit more easily, to be just a bit more patient with someone, and to try to educate someone on how to protect their loved which in the end will protect our loved ones.

The following post will contain the letters.
The feelings of loss but at the same time of hope are not often thought to be something to be felt simultaneously. But because we work hard to make a difference for our daughter, these are emotions that are possible.

Words from me for my daughter written on the Freewebs sister site.

Daddy Joe:
A light in the life of a parent is bright and warm when shining on the face. That same light can burn the skin, it can blister and become raw to the slightest touch. The light of that love should be soothing and rejuvenating. The light that I speak of is the love of a parent for their child. The love and its light can become so bright and white hot in its core that it can hurt the parent. When our daughter died the light in her had exploded into a supernova, had unleashed the searing hot light that was our daughter. We look to your light as often as we can, despite the pain the light brings us to see it.
Love you, miss you, run to you


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walkathon for VVV Foundation fundraising

Here is some fun footage of the walkathon held at Southridge high school, a fair, games, food and raffles for Vina’s cause!!


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Vina playing to Big Girls don't Cry, we love you baby Vi


We love and miss you sweet Vi, we know you are near to us everywhere we go!

Love mommy and daddy joe

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Power point of Vina

Here is a slide show done by uncle Jimmy showing off some Vina artwork.


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Vina's Victory over Viruses

This blog is here to have a forum for those who love Vina and would like to share about this foundation that was founded with her memory in mind (VVV Blog)


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